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We thank brother Gary Lye for his appropriate sermon on “The Grateful Leper” last Sunday. This morning brother Joel Tan will preach a sermon on “To Please God”. Please stay back for our Agape Luncheon after service this afternoon. Do bring your loved ones/ friends to worship with us every Sunday.

This morning brother Wong Wee Loke will bring another lesson from the “Strengthening Your Grip” series – on “Godliness”. Food for Thought: “… whatever we may say godliness is, it is not skin deep. It is something below the surface of a life, deep down in the realm of an attitude ... an attitude toward God Himself. … one whose heart is sensitive toward God, one who takes God seriously.” Please bring your children punctually for the Sunday Children/Youth Class to be taught the Bible every week.

Please pray for brethren who are travelling: Ong Chong Fatt (USA): Cornelius & Cynthia Ting (Zhangjiajie, China). Also pray for Sophie Ng & Marcus Oh – recuperation; Eunice Tan - expecting her first child; Bernedette Savitha (Tony George’s niece) – ovarian cancer; Norm Jensen – recuperating and full recovery from back surgery in Bakersfield, California; sister Nalini – heart problems; Chan Lay Har (Bedok Singapore) – recuperating from major stroke; Wong See Keok, Tan Swee Yoke, Choy Foong’s mother, Bawani’s father, Tan Yoke Ying and sister Thoo – health concerns. Please inform the church staff if you are away/ travelling, or have prayer concerns, so that the PJ church may include you in our weekly prayer list.

We extend our warmest welcome to Gary & Joyce Lye (J.B); Franklin & Ann; Eric Comiso; Alex Ow and Lau Sui Jing

Puchong Church has .invited us to join them at their Family Camp which will be held on 26-28 December 2017 at Pangkor Island, Perak. For more details please check the notice board.

The family of the late sis. Yee Pin thank the church for the love, prayers, and comfort shown them. She is now with our Lord and we rejoice in that knowledge.

We rejoice with the angels in heaven and welcome Alex Ow who was baptised by bro. Jayson Leong last Friday. Do pray for him that he will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

Nov. 2nd, 2017: Dearest Brethren, Another week has so rapidly gone by and it is the month of November. The HST commemorated the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 thesis on the church door at Wittenberg, Germany (last Tuesday, Oct. 31s) with a chapel address by Dr. Mark Powell and a snack at the HST Library. That brave courageous action by Martin Luther sparked the Reformation in Europe which ignited the Protestant “Back to the Bible” against the Roman Catholic church which held sway for centuries. We are indebted to Martin Luther for that momentous act. One professor even dressed up as Martin Luther. Folks are very jovial and friendly in the HST community. Spend most of my time at the HST Library either to study or to do personal research. The new head theologian librarian, Bob Turner (Don Meredith retired after a long illustrious 49 years) had been most kind and helpful. Doing lots of reading for my class or getting more materials on Isaiah after getting recommendations from Dr. Lance Hawley, the young OT professor. Dr. Allen Black, the HST Dean and his wife Nancy invited me and another family who is academic dean at Baxter Institute in Honduras to dinner at their home last Saturday night. It was good fellowship. Last Sunday I went to Park Avenue COC where I met Dwight Albright, a missionary to Japan whom I have met yesteryears at the AMF. I am attending different congregations (more than 50 COC in Memphis) each weekend Sunday to find the different ways they worship. Most of the congregations have several hundred members with huge church buildings. This coming Sunday I have been invited to preach in Highland Chinese church and preach at East Frayser church (2nd time) in the afternoon where Don Green preaches. Last Sunday was their Song Singing Sunday where I led 3 songs. On Nov. 14th, I will speak at the Mission Interest Group at Dr. Evertt Huffard House which concentrate and encourage Missions (local and foreign). Talked with Kin Fatt who is presently in St Louis, Missouri and San Tin in Nashville over the phone this past week. While the students have their breaks, I will be traveling to New York (9-12th) to visit Akinde; Ames, Iowa (preach 2 Sundays (16-26th) at Anthony Santiago congregation; Nashville, Tennessee (30th – Dec.6th) to visit Miles Cotham, San Tin, Kok Hai and others; Bakersfield, Los Angeles (Dec. 7-11th) to visit Norm & Mary Jensen and fly back KL via Hong Kong on Dec. 11th and arriving Malaysia on the 13th. Time has flown by so quickly that I have been here in the USA almost three months. I missed PJ and Home and looking forward to be back Home Sweet Home in Dec. God Bless!! OCF

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