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Thank you brother Steven Tham for his lively sermon on “Foolish Jews” last Sunday. This morning brother Kenneth Gong will preach on the topic “A Towel or a Robe” John 13:1-20. Continue to bring your loved ones/friends to worship with us each Sunday.

This morning brother Wong Wee Loke will conclude the lesson “On Family” from the “Strengthening Your Grip” series. Food for Thought: “… in most of the family conflicts I have dealt with involving trouble with teenagers, the problem has been more with parents who were either too liberal and permissive or too inflexible, distant, rigid (and sometimes hypocritically) than with teenagers who were unwilling to cooperate. When the modelling is as it should be, there is seldom much trouble from those who fall under the shadow of the leader. Strengthening your grip on the family may start with an unguarded appraisal of the leadership your family is expected to follow. … But we have to be honest – painfully honest – with our children, admitting when we were wrong and apologizing for it; declaring how we felt, yet leaving room for each child to discover on his or her own; being vulnerable and open regarding our fears, our uncertainties, our disagreements, our weaknesses; loving and supporting one another through failure, mistakes, and sinful behaviour..” Please bring your children punctually for the Sunday Children/Youth Class to be taught the Bible every Sunday.

Please pray for Ong Chong Fatt’s safe return from USA this week .Also pray for Eunice Tan - expecting her first child; Bernedette Savitha (Tony George’s niece) – ovarian cancer; sister Nalini – heart problems; Chan Lay Har (Bedok Singapore) – recuperating from major stroke; Wong See Keok, Tan Swee Yoke, Choy Foong’s mother, Bawani’s father, Tan Yoke Ying and sister Thoo – health concerns. Please inform the church staff if you are travelling or have prayer concerns, so that we may know your whereabouts and include you in our weekly prayer list.

We extend our warmest welcome to Gary, Joyce & Joleen Lye (J. Bharu); Franklin & Ann; Brandon Yap (Olivia Tham’s friend); Rhea Fortuna & Eric Comiso (Tess’ siblings) and our other regular visitors who worshipped with us last Sunday.

We thank Cynthia, Cornelius Wong and Patricia Wong for giving the bulletin board in the auditorium a fresh new look. Thank you for your love and dedication.

December 8th, 2017: Dearest Brethren,
Greetings from Bakersfield, Los Angeles, California! Arrived here yesterday morning from Memphis and staying a few days here on my last leg of my US sojourn before flying back to Malaysia on Monday night (almost midnight). My gracious hosts, Norm and Mary Jensen showed me around the vast oil-fields around this area here and I took lots of good photos.
It was wonderful that I stayed with Miles Cotham and San Tin who gave me first class hospitality and showed me around the tourist spots in Nashville. Fantastic that I met Tan Kok Hai, Edward Short and Edward Ho of the World Christian Broadcasting Company in Nashville and had great conversations with them. Everybody has been so kind to me!
This Sunday I will worship with the Bakersfield COC here in LA. Had breakfast at the Knotty Pine Cafe with brothers Norm Jensen, Lindel Smith and Garth Black who wrote a great book on the Holy Spirit which he will give me this Sunday. They are leaders and elders of the Bakersfield congregation. Had wonderful talks and discussions with them over the breakfast.
Looking forward to be back Home Sweet Home - Malaysia this coming Wednesday and see all of you next Sunday for Worship. Thanks for praying for me over the four months here in USA.
God Bless! OCF

"To be grateful is to recognize the love of God in everything He has given us – and He has given us everything. Every breath we draw is a gift of His love."-- Thomas Merton

"Help me, Lord, to remember that religion is not to be confined to the church... nor exercised only in prayer and meditation, but that everywhere I am in Thy Presence." -- Susanna Wesley

"We get our moral bearings by looking at God. We must begin with God. We are right when, and only when, we stand in a right position relative to God, and we are wrong so far and so long as we stand in any other position." -- A. W. Tozer

"Wisdom is, and starts with, the humility to accept the fact that you don't have all the right answers, and the courage to learn to ask the right questions." -- Author Unknown

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope. -- Maya Angelou

"God still draws near to us in the ordinary, commonplace, everyday experiences and places... He comes in surprising ways." -- Henry Gariepy


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