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Figuring out where you want to enroll can be challenging enough. Once you decide to apply to Lipscomb (naturally), we try to make the process as painless as possible. We follow a rolling admissions process, which means that instead of worrying about a slew of deadlines you can apply as soon as you’re ready.


If you’re planning to start as a freshman, transferring from another school or coming from abroad, this is your section. We’ll help you get your admissions package together, plan a visit, figure out financial aid and answer any questions you may have before you become a Bison.



You hear it all the time: a graduate degree translates to better career and financial opportunities. Rated 20 among regional universities in the South (thanks U.S. News & World Report!), Lipscomb makes sure you’re well prepared for those opportunities with deep theoretical knowledge and direct hands-on experience.



Want to earn a top academic degree from the convenience of your home? At Lipscomb, we offer a variety of bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees and each have the same Lipscomb value as our on-campus offerings. Our flexible online programs allow you to keep working as you advance your career through virtual and mobile technologies. Apply today; your future is waiting!

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Here's a quick jump to a list of all our undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and certificates. Choose from eight bachelor's degrees in 78 majors and more than 80 distinguishable graduate programs.

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If you're not sure of a major, don't worry. Maybe we can help you a little. Our degree chooser allows you to do a side-by-side comparison on all the degrees we offer. Try it out!