Students enjoying community in Bison Square at the Osman Fountain


Find what you need on campus, when you need it.

Building community is one of our core values. That means we make ourselves available to you pretty much any time (though we do sleep occasionally). If you have a question, concern or curiosity, one of our staff members will happily take care of it—and you in the process.

About Lipscomb

In 1891, David Lipscomb, along with James A. Harding, founded this school as a place where faith and learning go hand in hand. More than a century later, that’s still true for the more than 4,500 undergraduate and graduate students who attend. Spiritual formation, academic rigor and professional development—delivered in an environment that cherishes each individual—that’s what Lipscomb University is now and has always been about. And by the way, just a few years after its founding, Lipscomb donated his Nashville farm to the school, the same land where the university grows today. Chances are, he never visualized how those “seeds” would take root!

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If your student is a Bison or about to become one, that means you’re a Bison, too. We’re here to answer any questions, keep you up to date on the latest campus happenings, and make sure you feel as secure and confident as can be about your student's education at Lipscomb—and maybe let you in on a few things your student simply forgot to tell you!

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Faculty & Staff Directory

Our faculty and staff are among the brightest in academia today. And they’re here for a single purpose: to serve our students, in and out of the classroom. They’re always available for a quick question, lengthy discussion or casual chat.

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Everyone else!

Since you are neither a parent nor a student, chances are you are trying to find a specific office or person. For a list of our offices—business, legal, etc.—click here. To find a specific person, click here. If none of this helps you, just call our very helpful central operator at 615.966.1000.

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News Media

We don’t try to make news, but sometimes our work does. See the latest updates, read press releases, make media inquiries or contact faculty experts here.

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